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Tully's in the
Commemorative Biographical Record
Middlesex County, Connecticut

John and Sarah Tully, children of John and Sarah (Fenner) Tully, came with their widowed mother to America from Horley, England. The mother was born in 1620. She married, after her arrival in this country. Robert Lay, and Sarah, the daughter, married a Mr. Dennison soon after her arrival. John Tully went back to England, to take care of the family fortunes, but was treated as an imposter, and with much difficulty secured what was due him. He was born in September, 1638.

John Tully, who settled in this country, was the publisher of Tully's New England Almanac, a publication found in almost every household, and copies of which are still in existence. In 1671 he married Mary Brantdren, daughter of William Brantdren, of the County of Cumberland, England, and to them were born: (1) John was lost at sea. (2) William, born January 5, 1672, died July 5, 1744. He is next in the ancestral line. (3) Sarah died unmarried. (4) Lydia married John Smith, and had a daughter, Lucy, who married Andrew Beach, of Branford. (5) Mary married Daniel Clark, of Haddam. (6) Deborah. (7) Lucy. (8) Hepsibah.

William Tully married Abigail Maverick, of Boston, Mass., who was born in September, 1675, daughter of a clergyman who left England in times of persecution, and died December 9, 1750. They were the parents of the following children: John; Margaret; Abigail, who married Capt. John Lee, and had two children by him, Eunice and Andrew; William; Lydia, who married Humphrey Pratt, and became the mother of Humphrey, William, Elias and Andrew; Elias, the next in the ancestral line; Sarah, who married Capt. Joseph Buckingham, and became the mother of six children, Sarah, Esther, Margaret, Louisa, Abigail, and Annie; Mary; Samuel, the "honest shomaker"; and Daniel. William Tully, the father, followed shoemaking all his life.

Elias Tully, son of William, born January 17, 1714, died July 19, 1773. He married Nancy Pratt, who was born in the Parish of Pettipaug, Essex, Conn., July 17, 1715, and died April 26, 1800. Their four children were: (1) Samuel, born May 2, 1750, died March 2, 1827; (2) Elias, the next in the ancestral line, was born July 30, 1732; (3) Mercy, born April 14, 1755, died Augest 26, 1775; (4) Eunice, born Augest 5, 1758, died February 10, 1815.

Samuel Tully, the eldest son of Elias, married February 6, 1783, Sarah, the youngest daughter of his uncle, John Tully, and had children as follows: Sarah, Mary Barker, John, Samuel M., Eunice and Sophia.

Elias Tully, born July 30, 1752, married Azubah Kirtland, daughter of Deacon Samuel Kirtland, and their children were: Polly; Mercy; Betsy; Azubah; Lucia, the mother of Robert Chapman (she was born May 15, 1791); Harriet; and Lydia, who married William Rufus Clark. Elias Tully married, for his second wife, Lydia Buckingham, and they had two children, Jenette and Ann.