Tooley and Allied Families Genealogy
"Specializing in the New England Colonial American ancestry"

Obstacles in Researching the Tooley Family Genealogy

Spelling Variations

There are many different Spelling Variations of the name "Tooley". Some of these include, but are not limited to Tooley, Tooly, Toole, Tool, Toile, O'Toole, O'Tool, Tuley, Tulley, Tully, Tuly and the list goes on. Very careful attention needs to be taken when putting these different spelling variations together.

War of 1812

This is a time when many Tooley's went to Ontario Canada. This includes Tooley's from New York, mainly from the Jefferson County area and some from Connecticut. It is next to impossible to research many of the Jefferson County Tooley lines without taking your research to Canada. When you research the Canadian Tooley's you will also find that many of the Tooley's also come from England making research a bit more difficult.

Poultney Vermont

In 1862 there was a great fire that destroyed the Poultney Vermont Town Clerks Office, including all the town records. I have 3 Tooley families living there prior to 1850, Danish, Alvin, and Cyrus. This fire will make researching these families very tough, if not impossible. I believe that these families were closely related to most if not all of the Vermont Tooley's and many of the New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut branches.