Tooley Family Spelling Variations

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The Tooley family has many surname spelling variations such as Tooley, Tooly, Toole, Tool, Toile, O’Toole, O’Tool, Tuly, Tully, Tuley, Tulley and the list goes on. Many of these variations started in the 1600 and 1700’s and have remained consistent through the years, but there were also many that were spelling errors and some deliberately changed to the way they thought the name should be spelled. This presents many challenges to the researcher and much caution needs to be taken when working with the different spelling variations.

Toole - Tooley: Barbour Collection of Connecticut vital records
TooleJeremiah 11 Apr 1736MaleKillingworth, CTAndrewAbigail
TooleSamuel5 Oct 1737MaleKillingworth, CTAndrewAbigail
TooleJohn29 Sept 1739MaleKillingworth, CTAndrewAbigail
TooleAndrew9 Apr 1741MaleKillingworth, CTAndrewAbigail
ToolePeter9 Apr 1743MaleKillingworth, CTAndrewAbigail

Andrew and Abigails Marriage record
GroomBrideDate of Marriage
Andrew TooleyAbigail SteevensNov 24, 1735

Source:Barbour Collection of Connecticut vital records/Killingworth vital records Vol. 2 Page 145

Please note the spelling variations for the French and Indian War records.

O'Toole - Toole: Canadian Vital Records Index
SurnameForenameDOBGenderBirth CountyFatherMother
TooleJames Vincent11 Jan 1892Male PeterboroughWilliam TooleBridget
TooleJames10 Oct 1886MalePeterboroughWilliam TooleBridget Murray
TooleVincent11 Jan 1892MalePeterboroughWilliam O TooleBridget Murray
TooleKiphen23 Dec 1887MalePeterboroughWilliam TooleBridget Murray
TooleJoseph18 Dec 1889MalePeterboroughWilliam TooleBridget Murray
TooleMary31 Nov 1893FemalePeterboroughWilliam O TooleBridget Murray

Tuley - Tully: Canadian Vital Records Index
SurnameForenameDOBGenderBirth CountyFatherMother
TullyMary Jane7 Sep 1898FemaleParry SoundAlexander P TullyEliza Jane St John
TuleyAlexander21 May 1900MaleParry SoundAlexander TuleyEliza St John
TullyPatrick11-Mar-02MaleParry SoundAlexander TullyEliza St John

Tulley - Tully: Canadian Vital Records Index
SurnameForenameDOBGenderBirth CountyFatherMother
TulleyMildred Evaline24-Dec-03FemaleEssexCharles A TulleyAnna J Fulmer
TullyMinnie Victoria24-May-02FemaleEssexCharles A TullyAnna J Fulmer
TulleyFemale5-Apr-00FemaleEssexCharles TulleyAnnie Fulmer

Tulley - Tully: Canadian Vital Records Index
SurnameForename DOBGenderBirth CountyFatherMother
TulleyLillian Winnifred16-Feb-01FemaleParry SoundG H TulleyAlice M Carleton
TullyGertrude Pearle14 Feb 1899FemaleParry SoundGeorge H TullyAlice Carlton
TullySully, Alice Muriel16 Jul 1897FemaleParry SoundGeorge H TullyAlice Carlton
TullyGeorge Rutledge Carleton24-Apr-03MaleMuskokaGeorge H TullyAlice M Carleton

Tulley - Tully: Canadian Vital Records Index
SurnameForenameDOB GenderBirth CountyFatherMother
TulleyReall 16 Dec 1885FemalePrince EdwardWalter TulleyHarriet Gordanier
TulleyBertie30 Apr 1881MalePrince EdwardWalter TulleyHarriet Gordanier
TullyMederick Page29 Jan 1884MalePrince EdwardWalter TullyHarriet Gordanier

St. Michael Baptisms - Ormesby, Flegg Island, Norfolk, UK
1734.01-25Turly ?William Joseph Susannah
1740.05-25TuelySusannah JosephSusannah
1742.02-20Tuly Elizabeth JosephSusannah
1745.01-13 Tuly Joseph Joseph Susannah
1750.08-01Tuly Mary Joseph Susannah
1755.07-07Tuly John Joseph Susannah

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