United Kingdom Marriage Records

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Boyd's Marriage Index (1538 - 1840)

Year Surname Forename Surname Forename Place County
1598TooleyRobArnoldTabitha Lowestoft.
1598Tooley Xtian DiareEmenuelKenn .
1599Tooley Rob TomsonElz Westminster (St. Margaret)Middlesex
1606Tooley Ric Price Mgt London (St Gregory by St Paul's) .
1615 Tooley Agn Meco Rainold Branscombe Deven
1621 Tooley Ric KirkbyHellen Cambridge St. Mary Great .
1627 TooleyCathBrownRicLondon (St. Martin Ludgate) .
1627Tooley Mgt Robotham Rob Westminster (St. Margaret) Middlesex
1628 Tooley Jane Ableson Ant Stepney St. Dunstan) Middlesex
1628Tooley Mgt Laramore Jas Stepney St. Dunstan) Middlesex
1630Tooley Hen Goodwin Jane London (All Hallows Bread St.) London
1630Tooley Joh Tomson Mary Blackburn (St. Mary) Lancashire
1634Tooley Hen Potman Rose Westminster (St. Margaret) Middlesex
1637 Tooley Rob LangstaffJaneStepney.
1639 Tooley Nic Hulton Mgt Manchester .
1643 Tooley W Loveday M Bradwell Suffolk
1645 Tooley Nic Fletcher Jane Manchester Lancashire
1647 Tooley Isaach Wulmere Elz Denton Norfolk
1649 Tooley Edm Harford Marth London (St. Dionis Backchurch) London
1651 Tooley An Goodwines Thos Woodbastwick Norfolk
1655 Tooley Jn Clitter Ant Bury St. Edmunds St. James .
1657 Tooley An Atwood Leon Modbury .
1666 Tooley Jn Homes Mary Faculty Office ML .
1668 Tooley Bridg Frost Thos Edwardstone Suffolk
1668 Tooley Jn Bell Fran Westminster (St. Margaret) Middlesex
1676Tooley Wm Steward Judith Horstead Norfolk
1678 Tooley Sam Allestry Reb Faculty Office ML .
1683 Tooley Fran Lane Woodbastwick Norfolk
1686 Tooley Edw Simons Jane Cambridge St. Benedict Cambridgeshire
1687 Tooley Jn Bodley Mary Middleton Norfolk
1694 Tooley Rob Church Eliz Norwich (St. Michael at Plea) Norfolk
1695 Tooley Grace Paralow Wm Stonehouse Gloucestershire
1697 Tooley Bernard Thacker Ann Norwich (Cathedral) Norfolk
1701 Tooley Rob Witeman Mary Wretton Norfolk
1703 Tooley Isaach Aldis Mary Earsham Norfolk
1704 Tooley Ste Budwell Sar Norwich (St. Stephen) Norfolk
1708 Tooley Mary Chapman Gilb Wretton Norfolk
1711 Tooley Jn Smith Sar Bradfield St. George Suffolk
1713 Tooley Mary Gee Jos Bacton Norfolk
1713 Tooley Mary Kingston Jn Wisbech St. Peter Cambridgeshire
1715 Tooley Reb Walker Wm. Yarmouth, Great Norfolk
1717 Tooley Sar Posford Thos Mile End (St. Michael) Essex
1720 Tooley Thos Hambridge Anne Westcote Gloucestershire
1742 Tooley Ste Evans Sarah Shrewsbury (St. Chad) Shropshire
1743 Tooley Mary Web Chas Rougham Suffolk
1745 Tooley Elz Churchward Jn Brixham Devon
1747 Tooley Elz Jackson Nic Woolpit Suffolk
1749 Tooley Anne Reignolds Silvanus Willey Shropshire
1749 Tooley Sus Hill Jn Modburry Devon
1754 Tooley Math Ellam Xtian Whaplode Lincolnshire
1761 Tooley Han Willoughby Wm Sutton, Long Lincolnshire
1768 Tooley Jn Seaton Sus Holbeach Lincolnshire
1769 Tooley Eliz Sterling Dav Stoke Damerel Devon
1770 Tooley Jn Snell An Greetwell Lincolnshire
1771 Tooley Elz Jones Thos Falmouth Cornwall
1773 Tooley Jane Smith Wm Falmouth Cornwall
1774 Tooley An Anderson Rob Falmouth Cornwall
1776 Tooley Mary Steer Thos Hampton Middlesex
1778 Tooley Mary Lloyd Rob Tottenham Middlesex
1782 Tooley Eliz Vasey Geo Marylebone (St. Mary Le Bone) Middlesex
1783 Tooley Wm Cooper Eliz Finchley Middlesex
1789 Tooley Edw Mitchell Jane London (St. Edmund the King) London
1789 Tooley Wm Carlile Ann Marylebone (St. Mary Le Bone) Middlesex
1790 Tooley Sarah Arnold Jas Marylebone (St. Mary Le Bone) Middlesex
1792 Tooley An Lethbury Jn London (St. Stephen Walbrook) London
1796 Tooley Eliz Drago Pet H. Marylebone (St. Mary Le Bone) Middlesex
1799 Tooley An Gunn Sam Parson Drove Cambridgeshire
1799 Tooley Wm Tyler Ann Marylebone (St. Mary Le Bone) Middlesex
1806 Tooley Hen Nicols Mary Westminister (St. George Hanover Square) Middlesex
1808 Tooley Thos Moor An Marylebone (St. Mary Le Bone) Middlesex
1808 Tooley Thos Hatter Eliz Duffield Derbyshire
1809 Tooley Han Delight Ezekiel London (St. Benet Paul's Wharf) London
1811 Tooley Elz Salt Geo Finchley Middlesex
1811 Tooley Elz Smith Thos Budock Cornwall
1813 Tooley Lawr Standen Sus Westminister (St. George Hanover Square) Middlesex
1817 Tooley Wm Tailor An Ealing .
1821 Tooley Zachariah Jaggers Mary An Burnham On Crouch .
1823 Tooley Elz Beckworth Jos Newmarket, All Saints .
1827 Tooley Rhodey Bell Rob Westminster (St. George Hanover Square) Middlesex
1830 Tooley Wm Ranson Elz Rushbrooke Suffolk
1833 Tooley Geo Ranson Fran Rushbrooke Suffolk

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